‘Made In Warke’s Deli’ – our new blog!
Here at Warke's Deli in Portstewart, everything we do comes from within our kitchen.

‘Made In Warke’s Deli’ – our new blog!

So much has happened since Warke’s Deli opened its doors five years ago. Our customers tell us that they feel part of the Warke’s Deli story which is a lovely thing for us to hear and a great thing for customers to experience.

Since we opened on Carrig Na Cule in Portstewart, the kitchen in Warke’s Deli is at the heart of everything we do.

So we have decided to start our blog – ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’ where we will keep you up to date with our news, events we will be attending, we will be writing about our ingredients, suppliers, why and how we come up with the recipes we do and we will also be welcoming some guest bloggers on board including our staff if they fancy getting creative in other ways.

So, firstly, we think it’s important to let our customers know something which may seem pretty obvious. We are different to most in that we make almost everything from scratch, using fresh ingredients. When we first started five years ago, we didn’t make a big deal of this because we thought everyone was cooking from scratch.

But, it soon became clear that many eateries do buy in frozen items and have them refrigerated until they are needed.

For us, this was never an option. We love cooking so the pleasure of making something in our kitchen, from scratch and with fresh ingredients, and then serving it to our customers, gives our team so much satisfaction and gives our customers great tasting food.

Over the years too, we have found our customers really care about what they are putting into their bodies.

Food culture has changed so much and people want healthier choices.

Our customers seem to have quite a few dietary requirements which seems to be a much more common trend these days. We are often told by customers that they are unable to get soya milk, gluten free bread or gluten free cakes anywhere else.

We try to have a varied selection of foods most specifically for our ‘specials’ because this is a great way for us to showcase our ideas. Our specials change every couple of days so Jacqui is always coming up with new ideas from using seasonal produce for summery salads when the weather is good and more comforting food in the winter.

But also, as a keen traveller, Jacqui is always picking up little tips whether she’s in Holland, France or wherever.

When we opened five years ago we were almost unique in our approach but, over the past couple of years, more and more people embracing the idea of good coffee and fresh ingredients.

The North Coast has a lot of new people who are coming through with new ideas on food, from micro breweries, artisan bakeries, supper clubs as well as artisan producers of jams, marshmallows, chocolate, rapeseed oil which is marvellous.

Food is a big industry so we know our focus will always be what’s ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’. Our kitchen is the core of our business. This is where the magic happens so we hope we can give our followers an insight into how everything comes together. We hope you enjoy ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’. #madeinwarkesdeli

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