It’s a Kookykook Pesto story!
Claire Rainey is the pesto master. We love stocking Kookykook Pesto here at Warke's Deli

It’s a Kookykook Pesto story!

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You have undoubtedly heard of Claire Rainey – she’s the KookyKook Pesto cook with a real flair. We hope you enjoy this latest post from ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’

You know your pesto is good when you qualify for the Pesto World Championships.

And that is exactly what happened to Portrush business, Kookykook Pesto when they were one of just 25 non-Italians to compete in 2014.

But when you peel back just what it means for a non-Italian to be invited to take part at the championships in Genoa it really is something special.

This is a country so parochial that someone from the next town or village could be considered an outsider. It’s a country that is so steeped in tradition especially when it comes to food that it’s almost inconceivable to Italians that someone from outside the Bel Paese could bring something better to the table.

But Claire Rainey is doing just that. Claire is on a mission to bring bright, fresh flavours from all over the world into homes across the North Coast and beyond.

The Portrush woman spent many years working in the catering industry and then rustling up great dinners for family and friends. But then she launched her own business and with it a passion to use the best Northern Ireland ingredients to create some truly special products such as sweet green basil pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto, rocket & lemon pesto, green chilli and coriander pesto and feta and black olive pesto.

We love Claire’s products at Warke’s Deli but we also love her approach to food.

The following words from her Facebook page could have been written about Warke’s Deli: Food – buy it with thought, cook it with care, serve just enough, save what will keep, share what will spoil and home-grown is best.

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